Saturday, October 22, 2011

In the limelight....

My lovely daughters have always shown interest in appearing on tv ever since they were small... I guess this is something that runs in the family since their 2nd cousins are also "veterans" at this... Ayra has appeared in editorial for "Chicken Rice Shop" some time ago... Thanks to arwah Pak Lang..

Small thing but she seems to enjoy being in the limelight for that short while... Which was why I decided to enroll her with the casting agency "Deballz"... But so far no job offer has come in...
Tetiba masa bulan puasa ari tu my cousin Zaiti told me that a production company's looking for girl talents in their tv commercial... My girls jumped at the opportunity (or maybe that was actually me....) and we went for the casting... Several days later we received news that they got the job... All 3 of my girls!!! Zara shied away at the last minute during casting...  Maktok had to bring the girls for fitting, etc and finally we took them for the shooting on the day we were to leave for Penang for Hari Raya!!!

And at last, walla.... the Maybank "Everyday in Asia" tv ad... 

So happy that my girls are enjoying their small stint of glitz and glamour.... Hahahahha, at least mama pun boleh tumpang glamzzz uolllzzz!!!!

Friday, September 30, 2011

R we ready to rock???

Tup tap tup tap rupanya dah more than 3 months i've not updated this blog!!! Man, nampak gaya i'm becoming a workaholic slave at the office la camni.... takde masa for a simple update of my happenings pun... Damn, where's the work life balance I strive for???

As it is the past 3 months or so mmg ler banyak activity revolving work... well, most of them la... Coz i still try to slot in my precious time with hubby and my lovely girls... Let's see, among the things we were up to....

Girls Sports Day 

My elder 2 girls had their sports day and like mama & papa they prove to be quite an athlete in their own ways...
Erin receiving her medal
Ayra & Zara cheering on...

Feera receiving her medal

My 2 champs!!!

My girls really make me a proud mama....

Hari Raya 2011

We had quite a last minute arrangement for Hari Raya this year. I was too busy with work to properly plan for the Eid. Fortunately the last minute plan worked well tho it was really a tiring celebration. We celebrated Eid in Penang, Alor Setar and Kuala Pilah... how about that??? Covering half of Peninsular almost....

My kebaya clad girls

One for the album

Had Amir's bday celebration while in Pilah...

HRC shirt for Raya??
Mak's trip to Korea

My mum has been planning for this trip with her sister and my cousins. They've got a good Airasia deal but of course timing wise for me was not so good.... It's my peak time at work and just could not take leave to join in the fun.... So we only manage to send mum to LCCT....

Bye2 maktok & gang
Zara's gonna miss maktok

Bila maktok balik, the girls dapat baju2 KPop nih!!!
Memang ler the girls happy coz maktok shopped till drop for their clothes....

Girls will always be girls... and I love all of them to bits and pieces!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Look great, feel wonderful!!!

Dah lama tak cerita pasal business kan... bukannya lupa, cuma teramatlah bzzzzzz.... dalam bz tu pun business tetap jalan gak... and I'm still wearing PB which has helped me a lot to go thru my bz schedule....
Bz mommy....

Imagine before PB, I had a back problem called "lumbar facet arthritis", something to do with the spine & stuff. I was in pain most of the time, couldn't sit still for long, couldn't even walk or stand longer than 15 minutes...I was visiting a specialist every 2 weeks for my physiotherapy and acupuncture. I was also on medication... had to take glucosamine & stuff... I really felt old & tired & obviously in pain... That, restricted my activities...
Lumbar facet arthritis

I used Premium Beautiful in January. This year I've only gone for my acupuncture for 4 times... I totally stopped physio & have been off medication ever since wearing PB... how cool is that?!! Been extremely active too... with work, events & also some other activities.. Will probably take up a sports activity once I have the time soon.... Point is, I do feel a lot better now & I am actively going around doing things I enjoy... And the best part is I look & feel great!!! Bukannya nak angkat bakul but many friends have commented on my newly improved figure.... Baju pun banyak kena beli baru coz yang lama dah londeh, too loose.... Well, it's a good excuse for me to get a whole new wardrobe kan??!!!
During the F1 event... it was so easy getting this dress coz I could fit into it!!!
The reason it was easy to get the dress... and no more back pain!!!
 Great news... Special offer awaits when you purchase a PB set from me... Harga durian runtuh for the next 2 months sempena Hari Raya...Wanna know more???
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Friday, May 27, 2011

Our zesty blissful 12 years....

22nd May 1999... a very significant date for me, indeed... the day I became Mrs Zulraimi Bahar.... Sorry am being a bit nostalgic so i'll just flashback a bit... I wasn't nervous that day, just damn excited.... Been waiting for the moment for 5 and half years (since we became a couple)... Close buddies from A Levels PPP/ITM Batch 11 would know what we went through... the ups and downs in our relationship... the trials and tribulations... So when the big day finally came, I was ready to take on the challenge of becoming a wife... Alhamdulillah dengan sekali lafaz I got myself a hubby!!!

Waiting for my knight in shining armour...

At last....

 After 12 years, alhamdulillah we are still together, stronger than ever... add in the 4 cheeky princesses we produced... And walla, the happy family we are today!!!

Our lovely happy family

For our 12th anniversary, we had a pre-anniversary dinner with my family @ Bubba Gump, the Curve... 

Cake courtesy of my siblings...

 Hubby also treated to a romantic dinner for 2 at Tamarind Spring...
Tamarind Spring

Romantic dinner
After 12 years of marriage...
Thank you Abang, for the wonderfully zesty 17 years of loving, 12 years of blissful marriage and not forgetting our precious 4 lovely children.... I love you for eternally!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mommy dearest...

May is indeed an eventful month. The first weekend we celebrated Mother's Day. As always my girls made Mother's Day cards... thank you my sweeties, Mama always love all of u!!!

And as always also we celebrated over dinner. We went to Istana Bambu with my mum & siblings as well. The place was jam packed; fortunately we made prior reservation. Good seafood, perfect ambience....

This year, hubby had a surprise for us mothers... a spa treat!!! And my girls yang belum jadi mothers pun dapat spa treat gak!!  Thank you Abang, we all love u!!!

 It's not so much of the treat that matters... it's the love & appreciation that makes the whole difference.... 

To all mothers out there, you are all just simply the best!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Back with a bang!!!

Hello, ola, namaste, salam... I'm back everyone!!! Oooh, i so miss writing here but as mentioned in my early entry, life was super bz and had my hands really full...

My big event was the F1 Cocktail Party.... it was a blast!!! Thank God I had a fantabulous team to make the event the talk of town... hehhehe, well maybe not town but it was the talk alrite... And my CEO was so damn happy with it, that's all that matters!!! And I went all out gak... mak siap pasang make up artist semata2 nak add glam to the event, kay!!! 
Like my transformation??? Thanks to Che Wan for the glam look... and of course Premium Beautiful for the slim figure...
Mingling with the guests

Part of my team with Sarimah, our fabulous emcee..
Shylla Amzah gave a superb performance for the nite...

With mak hayam..... u look superb darling!!! Emma, wish u were here...

That's some of the many pix we took for the nite... It was indeed worth every minute I spent on... the sweat, the tears, the endless hours, the negotiations, the reckies... A special THANXgoes out to my Creative Team who have dedicated their energy, time and sweat for the Cocktail Party... Without each & everyone of u, it couldn't have happened.... It was indeed a blast & u guys were awesome!!!

Love u all!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bz mama....

Boy, 20 days have passed since I last scribbled something in here... miss my blog but really I've been bogged down with so much work I hardly have the time to pen down my thoughts...

Bz as a bee....

The past 20 days have been quite a roller coaster ride.... I was engrossed with preparation for the Cascading session which took so much of my time as this time round I was also entrusted to collaborate with our overseas offices... It was hard work but at the end of the session it was all worth it!! 
Venue of my event

I was lacking of sleep, had to go into office on Saturday from 9am till 6pm, stayed back in the office sometimes till 9pm, arranged for numerous dry runs to & fro KL Convex .... It's amazing that with all these, I am still able to stay active... I do believe PB has got something to do with this coz before pakai PB, I tire easily and hardly have the energy to do anything...  

But most dismaying of all is the fact that I had to sacrifice my precious family time..... Thank you Abang & Mak for taking over during those days I was not around to entertain the girls.... I couldn't have done all this without the both of u (ahaks, rasa cam bg speech ambik oscar lak!!!).... 

Luv u my precious family!!!

I thought after the Cascading session, I'd get my normal lifestyle back... boy, was I wrong!!! Itulah, sometimes mulut kita ni lg laju dr otak kita kan... before I knew it I volunteered to do something big without thinking how super bz I'd be immediately after my big event... And this is for an even bigger event!!! 

Nak kata menyesal tak ler pulak coz I really enjoy organising events... But seriously this will mean some valuable family time will again be sacrificed!!! Kesian anak2 aku... Sorry sayang, mama promise mama will make it all up to all of you after this event is done... And hopefully mama will be able to pull this one off with flying colours, amin....

I also have to miss some important gatherings with friends... Huhuhu.... Sorry girlfriends.... U know who u r!! But good thing is I'm learning lots of new things and am loving this job!!!

So this also means that I'll probably not scribble anything here for the next 2 weeks unless I have some free time; which I doubt will be the case... Wish me luck on my big event peeps!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The storks have landed!!!

Babies, babies, babies.... Everywhere this week dengar pasal babies.... Good thing they are all good news, alhamdulillah... Instead of the increasing cases of buang bayi yg selalu dengar tu, minggu ni ramai family members & friends ada good news abt babies...

Akmal, my cousin nephew, opened the week by welcoming his first newborn... a handsome baby boy named Areef.... Akmal & Aini must be ecstatic with the lovely addition.... And I was just reminded that with this, it means that indirectly i dah dapat title grandma ler... hhehehehe... takpe, janji hot grandma!!!

Then Abirah my cousin delivered her first newborn daughter on 4th March 2011... as of now the baby's name is still undecided... I'm sure Yah & Hadi have a list of lovely names for their budle of joy....

And today, hubby's cousin Murni also delivered her firstborn baby girl.... How wonderful this is!!! Makin ramai la bilangan ahli keluarga Ismail-Bahar.... Alhamdulillah....

Congrats u proud mummies & daddies!!!! Selamat menempuh alam baru... the nappy changes, the late nights, baby's wailing, colic and the list goes on... 

To all mummies, although bz jaga baby jangan lupa jaga diri sendiri... Premium Beautiful will get you back in shape in no time.... Call me mummies, for that hot mamas look!!!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Life is a rainbow...

I must consider myself lucky... not everyone has a colourful life as I do, as mentioned by a good friend recently... Sometimes you just don't realise how lucky you are till others point it out to you.

This week, I managed to spend some precious time with a few friends... different people on each day... Went to reckee a few places for our upcoming company event with my most "happening" colleague...  had a few appointments for the business prospect, Alhamdulillah... a whole lot of catching up to do with some friends I've "lost" touch with... visited a friend who just gave birth to her 4th girl, just like me (having 4 girls that is, I did not just give birth).... Completed some almost impossible mission at work...

At the same time create an amazing bond with a new friend.... I didn't realise before that I could be a good listener and adviser... I was told that I could be a LOVE GURU!!!! Hahaahh, all because I had some juicy stories to share with when it comes to love, marriage & motherhood...

Also managed to settle some things at home... Got a good friend to come over to the house and bagi tuition to my girls... Alhamdulillah, I have less worries now when it comes to their studies & homework... My no 3 is also opening up more to her situation at kindy... Rupanya takde kawan kat tadika, which is why she hates going to kindy!!!! Kesian Ayra.... Managed to slow talk to her about starting conversation with the rest of the classmates... Mama dah boleh jadik child psychologist!!!

But of course the week is never complete if I don't spend precious moments with my lovely girls... Took them out to KLCC... taking the LRT for the 1st time ever for Ayra & Zara...

Jalan2, bought toys at Toys r Us, got something for my mum at Marks & Spenser... had lunch at Koryo-won... didn't expect my girls to enjoy Korean food but they did!!! Best lah, pasni boleh bawak makan2 tempat lain lak.... Alhamdulillah could do all this thanks to the biz... ada la gak bahagian nak beli barang2 utk tersayang tho' bonus is still a long way to come, if any....

Crazy & hectic as my life sounds, I am truly blessed with all the ups and downs that I have to go through in life....Alhamdulillah so far I am able to take things in my stride & be positive come what may... How else can I stay sane & be happy????

Life is indeed a rainbow... 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Untuk Wanita: Herba Maharani

For all women out there.... This is a very good product for our wellbeing... Do read on...

TongRenTang Te Zhi Bai Feng Wan @ HERBA MAHARANI. Menggabungkan 16 jenis ramuan herba bernilai dengan pati ayam hitam sebagai ramuan utama Produk Keluaran Beijing TongRenTang.

TongRenTang merupakan tanda perniagaan yang bersejarah melebihi 300 tahun. Merupakan pembekal tunggal ubat-ubatan kepada kerabat Maharaja semasa Dinasti Qing.

HERBA MAHARANI diperakui sebagai Produk Terkenal di China pada tahun 1994. Diiktiraf sebagai Spesis Ubat Herba yang Terpelihara pada tahun 1998.

Mendapat pengiktirafan Halal oleh Pertubuhan IFANCA.

Antara keberkesanan HERBA MAHARANI
(untuk mereka yang mengamalkan pengambilan secara teratur & berterusan):

1. Menyelesaikan masalah haid tidak teratur
2.Menyelesaikan masalah senggugut, keputihan & kekuningan
3. Anti bakteria ( sekitar faraj )
4. Melegakan sakit pinggang, sendi & lutut
5. Melegakan migrain & angin dalam badan
6. Menguatkan hati & buah pinggang
7. Melegakan asma
8. Baik untuk pesakit diabetes ( kencing manis )
9. Menghilangkan bau mulut ( terutama waktu bangun pagi )
10. Menyelesaikan masalah buasir kecil
11. Merangsang hormone estrogen, progesterone & androgen (hormone seks )
12. Memberi kebahagiaan kepada pasangan
13. Kesuburan & awet muda
14. Mencantik, menegang & melicinkan kulit
15. Menaikkan seri muka
16. Menegangkan payudara
17. Menghilangkan kelesuan & muka pucat
18. Melambatkan proses monopouse
19. Menghilangkan perpeluhan pada waktu malam
20. Menguatkan antibodi / imunisasi
21. Melancarkan peredaran darah
22. Amalan semasa pantang ( bersalin )
23. Menambah darah selepas bersalin
24. Menguatkan otot-otot rahim & peranakan
25. Membanyakkan pengeluaran susu badan selepas bersalin
26. Menghilangkan urat timbul
27. Mengimbangi tekanan darah
28. Meningkatkan kecerdasan mind
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