Thursday, June 2, 2011

Look great, feel wonderful!!!

Dah lama tak cerita pasal business kan... bukannya lupa, cuma teramatlah bzzzzzz.... dalam bz tu pun business tetap jalan gak... and I'm still wearing PB which has helped me a lot to go thru my bz schedule....
Bz mommy....

Imagine before PB, I had a back problem called "lumbar facet arthritis", something to do with the spine & stuff. I was in pain most of the time, couldn't sit still for long, couldn't even walk or stand longer than 15 minutes...I was visiting a specialist every 2 weeks for my physiotherapy and acupuncture. I was also on medication... had to take glucosamine & stuff... I really felt old & tired & obviously in pain... That, restricted my activities...
Lumbar facet arthritis

I used Premium Beautiful in January. This year I've only gone for my acupuncture for 4 times... I totally stopped physio & have been off medication ever since wearing PB... how cool is that?!! Been extremely active too... with work, events & also some other activities.. Will probably take up a sports activity once I have the time soon.... Point is, I do feel a lot better now & I am actively going around doing things I enjoy... And the best part is I look & feel great!!! Bukannya nak angkat bakul but many friends have commented on my newly improved figure.... Baju pun banyak kena beli baru coz yang lama dah londeh, too loose.... Well, it's a good excuse for me to get a whole new wardrobe kan??!!!
During the F1 event... it was so easy getting this dress coz I could fit into it!!!
The reason it was easy to get the dress... and no more back pain!!!
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