Saturday, February 5, 2011

CNY and Ayra's bday....

After our PD escapade, it was the Chinese New Year holidays... We made plans dgn my sis in law & family to go to Pusat Sains Negara nak tengok Dinos Alive... It was also our opportunity to spend some time with Yusuf yg dh lama tak jumpa...miss ya lil' sport!!!

The Bahar bunch... with the exception of hubby who's d cameraman..
Watch out, T Rex coming!!!

The girls felt like they were doing a photoshoot

Feera trying the mind simulation machine

Another experiment by the kids

Oooh, so scared Erin & Ayra were hugging each other!!!

Some colouring ended the visit
The kids had fun tho it was really tiring...

Next day was Ayra's birthday... Happy 5th birthday sayang!!! Since kitorang takde plan apa2, hubby decided to treat us all to karaoke session... Of course anak2 suka giler (not to mention mak diorang gak)!!!

Presents frm mak tok & pak cik

The kids bringing down the house...

Bday girl belting out a number

Baby Zara pun join skali...

Little crooner Erin

Feera menjiwai lagu...

One for the album...

The girls sempat shopping cheongsam except Feera yg takde size... Gong Xi Fa Cai!!
 Really glad to have had the time for family like this.... The girls' happy faces could never be replaced with anything else in this world.... Mama & Papa really love u, precious princesses!!!!

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