Thursday, December 23, 2010

Turbulence at take off

It has been such an eventful week, I hardly have time to breath!!!
Last week started off with me getting eye infection... the red eyes, discharge oozing from the eye, itchiness... was forced to take MC for 2 days at my boss' dismay, as work was piling up... then on Friday my no 3, Ayra came down with high fever... cough & flu was part of the package of course... As usual, whenever any of my kids came down with high fever, I don't get to sleep a wink... every hour I'll get up to check on her condition, take temperature, did sponging, etc... My mum went over to my sis' together with Feera & Erin... It was also my maid's day off... So I was practically alone to do cooking, look after sick child, look after baby and to top it off hubby suddenly experienced great pain on his left side of the body. By evening I had no choice but to call mum back so that I could send hubby to hospital....
We did get to Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC) where hubby was given painkiller jab... He was already seeing a neurologist for his condition and had done x-ray at the same place, so he was admitted to do further tests... and it was confirmed that he's got a slipped disc (herniated disc) on his neck!!! Dr Deepak explained the situation and the options for us to choose. To cut it short, we decided for cervical facet block (steroid injection)... surgery is the ultimate choice which we are still considering but hubby needs time to do more research and get 2nd opinion.
Hubby ready to be brought into OT for cervical facet block
  Alhamdulillah the procedure was done successfully... but hubby is still in pain as the procedure is just for pain management and doesn't correct his condition... Let's just pray that he gets through this and finds the right solution to lead a normal life....
So far, my hectic life is not over yet... after Ayra, Feera developed the fever... and now baby Zara is also having it... So much for our plans this Xmas....

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