Saturday, January 29, 2011

My lil' supermodel wannabe

It's been hectic this week... with work, hubby's Bangkok trip, the girls down with fever one after another... I'm developing eye bags as tho I've packed for a trip around the world!!!

Ikutkan banyak benda nak post kat sini but I really don't have the time. So for the moment I just want to put up pix of my lovely supermodel wannabe, Ayra....
Ayra is a natural when it comes to posing.... memang dr kecik bila nampak orang pegang camera, dia la yg paling excited nak pose... she does it so well tak yah bagitau camna nak pose.... So, since dah nampak bakat dia kot situ, ibu yg prihatin ni pun signed her up with a talent casting agency "Deballz"... Mana tau ada rezeki, then boleh ler dia masuk mana2 tv ad ke, apa2 commercial job lah....

So behold, the Next Malaysia Top Model!!!!
Hi people, it's Ayra Sonia in the house!!!

Hmm, what shall we do today?

Oohhh, I'm hot!!!

The princess awaits her prince

Ayra with a little attitude!!!

I know some people may say, budak2 patutnya di hantar pergi sekolah biar pandai akademik bukannya belajar modelling... Mak mana yg tak mau anak berjaya academically kan... But I believe if anak kita ada certain talent we should not stop them... It helps them boost their self confidence and if we encourage them the right way, they'll be able to balance academics and passion....

Rasa2nya ok tak portfolio photos Ayra ni? Pada sapa2 yg ada job boleh recommend for Ayra please contact me yea ... 016-2880898...Mum cum manager la pulak kan... hehehehhe... Sebagai ibu, I pray that all my children will be able to excel both in academics as well as whatever their interest is... That's what motherhood is all about..   


  1. comel sgt! mmg ada gaya model semulajadi! :)

  2. Thanx babe... Just want to make my kids happy & confident wth themselves.... ;)